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Welcome to Hypal

Hypal is a web-based user-friendly text processor for corpora The key functionality includes: Hypal is focused primarily on learner corpora. As such, it is shipped together with a user-frieindly student interface (available at https://student.hypal.eu) that allows you to painlessly integrate the text collection from language learners into language courses. In the student interface, students submit assigments which are then revised and annotated by teachers and returned to the student. Once the annotation is complete, the assigment can be automatically added to the corpus. Hypal is open in the sense that you can always download your data (including the annotation and alignment information) in a format that can be further processed using other corpus tools, such as the SketchEngine.

Trial version

To obtain a two-month trial version of Hypal, please contact the Hypal developer, Adam Obrusnik.


The basic price for new users of the Hypal software is currently set at €120/month. Within this license, you are entitled to: At the extra price of €60/month, you can gain access to the advanced features of Hypal, originally developed for the MUST project. These are, especially, the TAS annotation system, conditioned metadata and a custom database of source texts for translation-based tasks.

Embedding hypal

The student interface of hypal can be embedded to any other webpage (including e-learning systems such as Moodle) using the following html code:
<iframe src="https://hypal.eu/hypal/student_embed/personal/" 
width="900" height="400" 
frameborder="0" style="border: 1px solid #EAEAEA;">